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Let’s face it: “sustainability” is one of the biggest buzz words being thrown around these days – so much so that it’s basically lost all of its meaning. 

And while Shein, big businesses, and luxury brands engage in greenwashing and opaque practices on a daily basis, we want to try to do what we can to reverse the hot mess that our planet’s become (even if we are really doomed). Part of that is defining what sustainability means exactly at Highly Liquid, and sharing how we plan to play a small part in what we hope becomes a very real revolution.

Here are the facts:

Underwear spends an average of six months in a lingerie drawer, but over 200 years in a landfill. On top of that, intimates are one of the most frequently bought items, with only 2% of the entire $88 billion undergarment industry produced sustainably. Don’t worry – it gets worse: underwear is one of the most frequently bought items, but it’s the least likely thing you’ll ever see for resale on Depop or The RealReal.

That’s why we’re committed to producing only what we believe will sell, which means we rely on pre-orders for our collections to reduce overproduction as much as possible. When it comes to our textiles and hardware, we use deadstock, scrap, upcycled, and responsibly sourced options, and organic materials such as bamboo fiber, wood pulp-based fabric, and 100% GOTS cotton. We are always dedicated to using breathable, natural fibers and crafting vintage-inspired silhouettes designed to flatter every body. Prioritizing fair wages for our garment makers in Los Angeles is extremely important to us, and we maintain transparency about the origins of our clothing, the materials we use, and why we price our garments the way we do.

For our packaging, we only use recycled or compostable materials. We are committed to producing garments that are not only well-made and designed to fit you amazingly, but are built to last for years and years. By ethically making quality clothing over fast fashion, we help reduce the amount of clothes that end up in landfills.

Thank you for being part of what we’re building and supporting our small business. With so many brands out there, choosing Highly Liquid means choosing to look hot and do good.